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About Us


Vision Statement

Crossroads Legal Services strive to be a preeminent Minnesota law firm by consistently:

  • Keeping Crossroads an independent small law firm in which the attorneys work cooperatively, collegially and supportively to provide effective legal representation and legal stategy in simple and in complex legal matters;
  • Investing in our staff by maintaining  access to continuing legal educational opportunities; 
  • Investing in our community by  involvement and leadership in volunteer efforts throughout the State of Minnesota that provide access to high-quality legal services, education and community partnerships in an ongoing effort to eliminate barriers to justice;
  • Making attention to client needs and service our first priority;
  • Demonstrating an ongoing commitment to effective problem-solving both inside and outside the court system;
  • Focusing consistently on achieving an equitable and just outcome for our clients.


Mission Statement

Crossroads Legal Services mission is to help clients navigate the legal process effectively and  to obtain creative and equitable solutions while being treated with dignity and respect. 

Our Values

Integrity:  We work with clients with openness, honesty and sincerity. We perform our work with consideration of our legal, ethical and professional duties and our actions are always a reflection of those values.  We represent clients with zealous advocacy within the bounds of the law and we maintain integrity and morality in maintaining our clients’ best interests.

Excellence: We are dedicated to providing nothing less than the very best in everything we do. 

Respect: We follow the Golden Rule in our interaction with and treatment of clients, opposing counsel, court staff and the Court. Everyone is treated with the same respect that we expect from our clients and from all others with whom we work.

Communication: We communicate fully and freely with each other and with clients to exchange information and ideas. We also have an obligation to communicate openly and honestly with opposing counsel and with the court staff. We always provide our clients with truthful and honest information and feedback based on our legal research and experience.  

Collaboration: We collaborate with each other and with the opposing counsel or party. We recognize the value of negotiation in helping clients maintain control over the outcome of their own matters and strive for resolution without litigation. When litigation is necessary, we zealously, skillfully and thoroughly advocate for equitable and just outcomes for our clients.

Counsel: We are committed to providing straight-forward legal counsel and advice that includes providing clients with negative information, including when a client’s desired action or outcome is not feasible based on our experience and legal research. 

Creativity: We apply out-of-the-box thinking to provide creative solutions to difficult situations. We pride ourselves on the creativity of our team members and on our demonstrated track record of bringing seemingly impossible disagreements to fair and equitable resolution.


Getting in touch

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